The volunteer trip to Zanzibar is absolutely the best experience that I ever have in my life. I miss the place everyday, miss my students in Hifadhi school, and the beautiful Indian ocean. It has been almost 4 weeks since I back to my place, but every moment that I shared with the children are so clear in my mind.

The first time I heard about this project was back at April, a friend of my friend’s just back from two weeks’ volunteer job at Zanzibar. By her recommendation, I contact the Gapper organisation. From their website, I learned the situation in Tanzania, and saw the most beautiful faces all around the world. The children’s smile melted my heart, I felt there was a sound thought me to fly there immediately. Very soon, I confirmed my schedule and have my plane ticket booked.

15th May I arrived Zanzibar, I could feel the unique Africa atmosphere surrounding me when my first step stamp on this beautiful island. Rajab, the manager of TZIVA picked me up from the airport with his warmly and hospitably smile, and helped me to get settled in the accommodation. The next day, Khamis, the manager from TZIVA took me to the school that I have been teaching for two weeks.

Please click here to download Winnies full journal of her volunteer experience.

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