Children and teens with disabilities are facing some challenges in our community, and struggling to do tasks that ordinary people do, as well as gaining an education and with a health care system which is very complicated.
This program is designed to enable changes for the lives of those with disabilities by promoting disabled children’s rights, opportunities, decision making and access to the full benefits of our society.
Tziva is providing this opportunity for volunteers and interns who are willing to spend time with children with disabilities, as well as providing health care, teaching sign language, etc.
Aim: to help change the lives of those with disabilities such as speech impediment, deafness, problems with legs, or multiple disabilities.
Role of interns: taking care of the children at the centre, teaching them sign language, and basic hygiene, feeding them, playing with them, help the staff in day to day work and other administrative tasks, design an education curriculum that would help these children grasp some subjects, etc.
Psychologists, psychiatrists, researchers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech & language therapists, teachers trained in dealing with hearing impairments or the blind, or experienced in supporting those with disabilities, are valued for the skills they bring and the transfer of their knowledge and experience.

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