Indescribably amazing experience

From left to right, Loik, Rashaa and Mohammed; a groupe of three engineering students in France. We spent three weeks volunteering in the beautiful island of Zanzibar with the amazing organization of TZIVA.  We have had an amazing experience that we will never forget.


We volunteered as teachers in a school and we basically gave scientific classes like maths chemistry and physics but also language classes like English and Arabic. The children at the school were really adorable and welcoming. They listen to their teachers and it was obvious to see their will to learn. The school staff was also helpful and they managed to integrate us among their teachers for a short period of time of 3 weeks. They also respected our desire; which subjects we wanted to teach. At break time at school, we used to socialize with teachers from whom we learned a lot about their way of life and their beautiful island. We used to take the dala dala bus to go to school, it was really fantastic.


Now, we will talk about the amazing house of TZIVA and its staff. Since our first day in the house we felt home. Rajab and Khamees did everything they could to make us feel that. In the morning we used to go to school and in the afternoon we used to go back to the house where we find a delicious local food ready and prepared for us. In the evenings, we used to go out for a walk in the island or spend the evening with Rajab at TZIVA watching football matches.


The people of Zanzibar are one of the kindest nation of all the globe. Sometimes they smile at you in the street in order to show their happiness of welcoming you in their island and sometimes they salute you. They have a very different culture of ours but still they totally respected us and they were eager so were we to learn about each other’s culture.


Finally, we will talk about the incredibly beautiful island of Zanzibar. During the weekends we used to travel to close places to discover the most of the island. We went north to Nungwi, it was an amazing north coast with plenty of cheap restaurants and bars. We enjoyed snorkeling too. We also went south to see and swim with dauphins. Another weekend, we went to the east where we enjoyed the calm place with only the sound of the sea waves. A part from the trips during weekends, we used to take advantage to discover the city by visiting its local shops and museums and always enjoying its delicious local food and drinks.


At the end, we without doubt recommend TZIVA for humanitarian missions in the island since they can guid you in everything and make your stay in Zanzibar unforgettable.

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