We are 3 students in chemical engineering whose project was to realize an humanitarian journey. That is why we went to Zanzibar with the association TZIVA (Tanzania Zanzibar International Volunteer Association) in Stone Town during two weeks in July. This association helps in different areas like school, sensibilisation or construction. Thanks to Rajab, we had the opportunity to work in Hifadhi School where we gave mathematics, English and even science lessons. It was a wonderful experience!
We discovered a lot during this project. First, we saw a completely different culture in school and in the daily life. 

Indeed, the culture, landscapes and the food are really different from those we know and the hospitality is incredible !! (thank you Rajab and the school’s members).
More than giving help in primary and secondary school, we had the opportunity to make some activities like seing turtles and monkeys, making snorkeling, swimming with dolphins in the Indian Ocean and finally going on the continent to discover it and make safari

The association does its best to help us during the entire experience and we’ll keep in touch with Rajab to have news. We would like to do it again and if we have the opportunity, we won’t change anything, it was perfect!

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