Volunteer accommodation (TZIVA house) is in Malindi, Stone Town. It has free Wi-Fi that volunteers are able to use, the office of the TZIVA local team is also located within the same building. The TZIVA house is well situated allowing easy access to all our project sites. Travel time from the TZIVA house to project sites is therefore a maximum of 30 minutes drive. As volunteers become familiar with the project site we encourage them to use public transport (buses – dala dala) to experience local life.

The TZIVA house can accommodate up to 15 volunteers at one time, the bedrooms and bathrooms are shared with other volunteers of the same gender. Bathrooms are equipped with western style toilets and showers. Bedding is provided, however volunteers will need to bring their own towels. As the accommodation is a shared living space, all volunteers are expected to help keep the accommodation tidy. To assist with the cooking and cleaning TZIVA have a local “mama” who works daily. The accommodation also has a sitting room (common room) where volunteers can relax, socialise with other volunteers and TZIVA staff as well as watching TV and reading books, etc.

Volunteers are provided with three local meals per day during weekdays (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Breakfast is self serve at the accommodation and includes tea, coffee, fruits, bread (with Nutella & jam), eggs, etc. Lunch and dinner are prepared in the TZIVA house.

During weekend, volunteers are free to use the kitchen if they wish to cook but they can also go out with or without volunteer coordinators for meals.


Where we are

Malindi, Stone Town – Zanzibar – Tanzania