We had a fantastic time with Khamis and Rajab. Although the timing wasn’t perfect because the Ramadan and then the “ed’El Fiter” but I personally took advantage of these days and toured the island. Khamis is a great guide. He showed us a lot and explained a lot. You can see he loves what he is doing. And both of them are good together. We laughed a lot and there was a very good chemistry between us.

Regarding the time of volunteering – I personally think that even though the kids need English classes, they need more classes that will enrich them artistically, physically – perhaps exploiting both – teaching but not in a class form. I don’t quite know what the possibilities are, and I also understand that you have been joining with other schools / orphanages, but in general I think that smaller groups and using an unconventional methods of being with the children is better.
I enjoyed them all. My screen saver is me and them. I think of them a lot and talk about them a lot, trying to think of ways of assistance. I hope I’ll be able to visit again.

Thank you for the opportunity of being part of the organization. Please keep me updated and keep in touch.

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