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Malindi, Stone Town - Zanzibar - Tanzania

Zanzibar - Stone Town
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TZIVA head office and accommodation facilities are located in Malindi area, just five minutes' walk far from the daladala (bus station), the harbor and Forodhani, the seafront gardens where experiencing local food and culture in night hours. The airport is approximately at 15 minutes distance, the hospital is 5 minutes away from TZIVA house while the police station is just a few meters from TZIVA house. The office, as well as the lodgings for the volunteers, are located within the same building and there is always one member from TZIVA constantly present there. In addition, a cooking and cleaning staff assures that everyone enjoys good meal and clean facilities. Rooms have toilet and shower, ventilation, mosquito nets and clean sleeping sheets. The standard room size is approximately 16 m2 and there is a key to lock the doors. Bringing a personal laptop will be a good idea as unfortunately at the moment, the office could not provide computer facilities to everyone. There is a cable television with many channels and TZIVA 'family' often gathers in the evenings to watch football, movies or just have a good time. Washing of clothes could be done by some of the cleaning staff as at the moment the facilities are not in place. Nevertheless, TZIVA is constantly investing in improving the living conditions and the operation of the office with each day and the biggest obstacle at the moment is the funding.