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MAHMOUD WEHBE, age 24, Denmark, July-August 2016.
My volunteering experience in TZIVA has been so fantastic. Since the first day the people in the organization was so welcoming. I really felt myself at home since day one, especially with people as Rajab and Khamis. They made me feel so comfortable. My role as a voluntary was to teach in English and Math. The children in the school were so lovely and kind. They have a tradition that they sing the national anthem to you the first day you arrive to the school which was very sweet. Every day, I prepared materials for the kids and if I had any questions or needed some help, the people from TZIVA was always there to help me. When I was not working, I was exploring Zanzibar and having Khamis and Rajab from the organization was a huge help because they organized everything for me – and Khamis has a past as tourist guide, which made it all easier. I had the great opportunity to visit different kind of beaches – especially the beaches in the north was so beautiful - visiting prison Island, swimming with the dolphins and made picnic trips with the other volunteers and staff members from TZIVA and just having a great time with them. Otherwise, I spent a lot of time with the local people and learning about their history and culture. Zanzibar is a beautiful and great place to visit and I can highly recommend TZIVA


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OLIVIA, age 21, Rhode Island, U.S.A, May 2016 - July 2016
I interned with TZIVA for 2½ months this past summer, after studying abroad on mainland Tanzania for 4 months. I taught English to three nursery level classes at the Hifadhi School located in Fuoni. I was initially scheduled to teach there for one month before moving onto another project, but I decided to stay for my entire time in Zanzibar. This was due to the amazing kids and teachers at that school, especially Teacher Marium, Fatma, Ummul and Vuai. I was also lucky to be there during all of Ramadan and to enjoy delicious foods and family time during Eid al-Fitr. My advice to future interns and volunteers is to try to come for a long period of time, if you are able. I say this because Zanzibar is one of those places with a deep history, a place where the longer you stay, the more you will know. Try to come with the hope of picking up some Kiswahili, forming relationships with people and trying to understand the various cultures of Zanzibar. If you are teaching, really listen to the kids in your class and the teachers around you. Don’t think that you know everything—because you probably don’t, and allow yourself to be taught just as much as you teach. I would also recommend learning basic Kiswahili before you come, so you can expand on it when you get there; it is the purest form spoken on the continent. So come to Zanzibar! You will not regret it, and say hello to everyone at the house for me!


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WINNIE SUN, age 28, China, May 2016
The volunteer trip to Zanzibar is absolutely the best experience that I ever have in my life. I miss the place everyday, miss my students in Hifadhi school, and the beautiful Indian ocean. It has been almost 4 weeks since I back to my place, but every moment that I shared with the children are so clear in my mind.

The first time I heard about this project was back at April, a friend of my friend’s just back from two weeks’ volunteer job at Zanzibar. By her recommendation, I contact the Gapper organisation. From their website, I learned the situation in Tanzania, and saw the most beautiful faces all around the world. The children’s smile melted my heart, I felt there was a sound thought me to fly there immediately. Very soon, I confirmed my schedule and have my plane ticket booked.

15th May I arrived Zanzibar, I could feel the unique Africa atmosphere surrounding me when my first step stamp on this beautiful island. Rajab, the manager of TZIVA picked me up from the airport with his warmly and hospitably smile, and helped me to get settled in the accommodation. The next day, Khamis, the manager from TZIVA took me to the school that I have been teaching for two weeks.

Please click here to download Winnies full journal of her volunteer experience.




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MIRI BEN BASSAT, Age 56, Israel - August 2014
We had a fantastic time with Khamis and Rajab. Although the timing wasn't perfect because the Ramadan and then the "ed'El Fiter" but I personally took advantage of these days and toured the island. Kahmis is a great guide. He showed us a lot and explained a lot. You can see he loves what he is doing. And both of them are good together. We laughed a lot and there was a very good chemistry between us.

Regarding the time of volunteering - I personally think that even though the kids need English classes, they need more classes that will enrich them artistically, physically - perhaps exploiting both - teaching but not in a class form. I don't quite know what the possibilities are, and I also understand that you have been joining with other schools / orphanages, but in general I think that smaller groups and using an unconventional methods of being with the children is better.
I enjoyed them all. My screen saver is me and them. I think of them a lot and talk about them a lot, trying to think of ways of assistance. I hope I'll be able to visit again.

Thank you for the oporunuty of being part of the organization. Please keep me updated and keep intouch.


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SARA BALESTRA, Age 33, Italy - August 2014
My volunteer experience was really fantastic. Since the first day i felt at home. The Tziva house is basic but really welcoming. I can affirm that the great value of Tziva is people who work for it: Khamis, Rajab, David are simply marvellous and they were very very available with me; they always tried to meet my needs. My voluntary activity was teaching in Montessouri orphanage school. I teached basic math and english. Every day i prepared material for school activities and some afternoon i went to the beach with children of the school.
It was the best way to know the realistic Zanzibar and the local people because I had the possibility to balance my time between voluntary activity and discover Zanzibar.
I couldn't do a better experience, really thank you to Tziva for all.



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MIA BENDTSEN, Age 21, Aarhus, Denmark - May-June 2014
In the spring 2014 I was volunteering for Tziva for 8 weeks. I worked in an orphanage (Montessori school and orphanage) where my responsibility was a baby boy (Abdalla) whos parents was not able to take care for him. When I got to the orphanage he was only two weeks old and very small, do to premature birth and dehydration. I made sure together with Tziva that he got the necessary medical care and that the adults and older kids at the orphanage learned, how to take care of a baby. I loved what I did there and I knew that it made a difference for them. Apart from taking care for the Abdalla I also teached one of the oldest girls Danish.
When I was not working I was exploring the island and doing capoiera with a group of mainly local boys. It was a lot of fun and I learned about their culture and got to see my self in situations I been in before and therefore got to know myself better. 
Zanzibar is a lovely place which will always have a special place in my heart and so will the people I met there and Tziva. My biggest love though goes to Abdalla, who I think about and miss every day. 
I thank Tziva for 8 truely amazing weeks plus the weeks I stayed after my program finished. I enjoyed it all very much and wish to come back as soon as possible.