My volunteering experience in TZIVA has been so fantastic. Since the first day the people in the organization was so welcoming. I really felt myself at home since day one, especially with people as Rajab and Khamis. They made me feel so comfortable. My role as a voluntary was to teach in English and Math. The children in the school were so lovely and kind. They have a tradition that they sing the national anthem to you the first day you arrive to the school which was very sweet. Every day, I prepared materials for the kids and if I had any questions or needed some help, the people from TZIVA was always there to help me. When I was not working, I was exploring Zanzibar and having Khamis and Rajab from the organization was a huge help because they organized everything for me – and Khamis has a past as tourist guide, which made it all easier. I had the great opportunity to visit different kind of beaches – especially the beaches in the north was so beautiful – visiting prison Island, swimming with the dolphins and made picnic trips with the other volunteers and staff members from TZIVA and just having a great time with them. Otherwise, I spent a lot of time with the local people and learning about their history and culture. Zanzibar is a beautiful and great place to visit and I can highly recommend TZIVA

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