People communities of Zanzibar have less education on HIV/AIDS, this program designed to support HIV/AIDS education including the detailed information about prevention of infection, how and where to get confidentially tested in the island, and links to information on how to live and cope with HIV.

Goal: To prevent new infections from taking place and to improve quality of life for HIV positive people,

Role of the intern: engaging in local communities, providing HIVS/AIDS education, providing counselling to families and those affected by HIV/AIDS, participating in behavioural change campaign, testing people HIV/AIDS, etc.

Specific activities: Giving people information about HIV – what HIV and AIDS are, how they are transmitted, and how people can protect themselves from infection, teaching people how to put this information to use and act on it practically – how to get and use condoms, how to suggest and practice safer sex, how to prevent infection in a medical environment or when injecting drugs.