Health Care

Many diseases are regularly found in most of sub-Sahara African countries including malaria, cholera, HIV/AIDS, accident related injuries, mental ill, etc. This program designed to support and develop innovative vaccines or treatments for these diseases and improve public health for the well being of the Zanzibar society. Intended for interns […]

HIV/AIDS Program

People communities of Zanzibar have less education on HIV/AIDS, this program designed to support HIV/AIDS education including the detailed information about prevention of infection, how and where to get confidentially tested in the island, and links to information on how to live and cope with HIV. Goal: To prevent new […]

Working in Sober House

Zanzibar has high use of drugs in east Africa, and many drugs addicted people are in sober houses around the country, therefore Tziva welcoming interns and volunteers to come in Zanzibar and helping those trying to recover from drugs as well as we are giving an opportunity to interns and […]

Orphanage / Baby Day Care

Children of different gender, races, religion and orphans are centred for guardianship in a day time, so Tziva welcoming volunteers and interns to help in providing childhood educations, hygiene, teachings songs, plays and games, taking care of the kids aged 6 months to 10 years.   Intended for interns and […]

Environmental Education and Conservation

The local community has less education on environmental conservation, this project was created to promote education as a tool that can help conserve and enhance the earth’s biological diversity. The organization employs a unique combination of education, and communication strategies to achieve its goals.   Intended for interns and volunteers […]

Historical Stone Town

Duration: 3 Hours. It is a wonderful introduction of Zanzibar that gives you the feeling of the rich cultural heritage. One gets a comprehensive view, history and walk of the Stone Town. Magnificent architecture, narrow alleys, sand and stone ancient built houses where some of them are over 200 Years […]

Meet the Dolphins

Duration: 6 hours. The drive from town to Kizimkazi, a small village to the southern point of the island, takes one hour. The surface of the Kizimkazi channel is broken by the skimming arcs of wild bottle-nosed dolphins. Here you are taken by an outboard engine boat into the sea […]